Rammed Earth Modern House, Hillside Residence Exhaling Simple Sophistication

Rammed Earth Modern House - Brent Kendle 011

Rammed Earth Modern House by Brent Kendle – This single storey residence captures the arid wilderness and it offers some of the most interesting views you’ll ever get to see. Rammed Earth Modern House is a project undertaken by the … Continue reading

Minimalist House: Front to Back Infill by Colizza Bruni Architecture

Front to Back Infill House Colizza Bruni Architecture 005

Minimalist House: Front to Back Infill – Colizza Bruni Architecture designed a minimalist semi-detached house is simple but looks elegant, located in Ottawa, Canada. Architects: Colizza Bruni Architecture Inc. / James Colizza & Anthony Bruni Photography: Peter Fritz

Fold Up House by Dan Brunn

Fold Up House by Dan Brunn 007 revolutioner.net

For the client’s of this suburban home, the feeling of openness and of continuum was of their utmost importance. As a means to negate the claustrophobic spaces of their primary residence, the design called for a language to express the … Continue reading

Creative Flip Flop House by Dan Brunn

Flip Flop House by Dan Brunn - Minimalist Design 001 revolutioner.net

Flip Flop House by Dan Brunn – Here it is a unique and minimalist style house, called Flip Flop House, designed by Dan Brunn, an architect who had won the Red Dot Design Award and Interior Design Magazine’s Boty. The … Continue reading

Inspiring Bedrooms Design for Boy and Girl [Star Wars & Princess]


Inspiring Berdrooms Design for Boy and Girl – Rado Rick Designers, One of the well-known designer from Slovakia that has the best quality in terms of architecture and design presents a project that inspires. The room for boys and girls … Continue reading

Modern Origami Kitchen Design by Estudiosat


Modern Origami Inspired Kithcen design by Estudiosat – It has been developed in response to the challenge launched by the Delta kitchen manufacturer to create a cuisine that fell of the hunt of the style of kitchens currently available on … Continue reading